Disappointing Products #1

Hello lovely,

There’s nothing I love more than buying new products and trying them out to see what each of them are like. Sometimes they’re a hit and I end up falling in love with them so much that I can’t live without them. Other times though, I don’t end up getting on with the products for various reasons which is always a disappointment! Today I want to tell you about some products that haven’t hit the rave list for me. All of these products are very hyped up so I’m afraid for how this post is going to go down with you all haha 😛

Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer – This is a handy little thing in that you get three different products in one. You have your under eye concealer for brightening those dark circles, a blemish concealer to hide imperfections, and lastly you have a setting powder on the top. I think that’s what made me gravitate to buying it when I was looking for a good concealer. But unfortunately I didn’t find this good. I found that the under eye concealer was unpleasantly thick and felt very dry and flakey. The blemish concealer went orange on me even though this is the lighter shade and also I found it very hard to blend into my face. The powder was good enough but I still find my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder way better.

Maybelline The Nudes Palette – I’m not going to talk about this too much as I did a review on it a few weeks ago. I was very excited when I first saw this palette. The shades looked beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it in the drugstore so I just had to buy it. I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the shadows as the shades I would normally wear on a day to day basis were either too dry and cakey or they weren’t that pigmented and were very sheer when applied. Out of the twelve shadows I only found two or three were nice and buttery and had excellent pigmentation.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation – I can imagine a load of you screaming at me for this one! Let me be honest with you though and say the colour, coverage and texture of this foundation are all lovely. Unfortunately this foundation is not made for us girls with oily skin, or at least I found that. It was perfect at the start of the day when I set it with a powder but by the middle of the day I’d be a complete oily mess. If rimmel ever make this foundation into a matte foundation then I’ll definitely be the first person to purchase it.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – This is one of those products which you either love it or you hate it so you have to try it to find out. I really did not get on with this mascara. Every time I applied it, it clumped my lashes together and wasn’t attractive at all. It was very uncomfortable to wear. Also I think I was allergic to the formula of the mascara because every time I wore it my eyes were constantly irritated and were constantly stinging.

Maybelline Baby Lips – Everyone and their dog has heard of baby lips. They are lip balms and they have different colours, scents, etc. I’m using the word lip balm lightly as when I think of a lip balm it suggests a load of moisture being sucked back into my lips to stop them becoming dry and cracked. These however do not do that. When I put these on they moisturise my lips for about two minutes and then my lips are back to where they were feeling as dry as ever. I will admit that the coloured baby lips are perfects for teenagers who are only allowed to wear minimal makeup to school but otherwise I just don’t get the hype!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Do you have any disappointing products? Also make sure to remember that just because I don’t like these products doesn’t mean that you won’t 🙂

See you soon 🙂



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I'm an 19 year old student from Ireland. At the moment I'm in my second year of College/Uni studying Biological Sciences. I have a few interests like makeup, music, baking and also writing. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to share all my thoughts. What I love, what I hate, what I'm thinking/doing. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

6 thoughts on “Disappointing Products #1

  1. I found a Baby Lips in the pound shop and picked it up cause everyone was going on about them but…yeah…they’re not great are they? I’m sticking to Carmex 🙂

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    1. I really don’t see the fuss in them anyway! The don’t do anything to hydrate my lips. Carmex is way better, I’m also finding the bodyshop lip balms are very good too 🙂


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