Best Beauty Bits #2 | Skincare 

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Taking care of you skin is one of the most important things you can do. If you start taking care of it when you’re young by doing your daily skincare routines you will be thanked later in life with fabulous looking skin. Today’s post on Best Beauty Bits is my top skincare items.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – This is my second bottle of this. It’s fantastic at removing makeup without irritating my skin. My skin can be sensitive to some makeup cleansers and removers so I’m glad that this is gentle on my skin. I normally use it to remove my eye makeup and sometimes I’ll use it all over my face and then go in with my cleanser. For only €4.53 this is a steal. I haven’t tried bioderma yet anyway so I can’t say if it’s better or not. I can say that I am interested in trying Bioderma’s Sebium range to see if it helps clear up my spots but when this is so cheap I can’t justify spending more. Someday maybe 😛

Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner – I took a break off using this toner when I started using the Clearogen 3 step Acne range and my oh my did my skin miss this. Once again this is very gentle and soothing on my skin. The toner has anti-bacterial properties so it’s perfect at reducing my pores and helping to get rid of my blemishes.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment – This is a miracle worker. I try to do a face mask once a week but I like to save this for when I have massive eruptions of acne all over my face. Straight away I can notice my pores getting smaller and the next morning my spots are usually decreased in size. My skin always feels super soft after using it and feels like new skin.

La Roche-Posay Serozinc – La Roche Posay are hands down one of my favourite drugstore skincare brands. Their range of products for oily and blemish prone skin is amazing. If I had it my way this post would be covered in La Roche Posay products but that would have seemed a bit biased. I like to use this after my Michael Todd toner as this is more of a hydrating toner and it helps to soothe my skin. It’s amazing at keeping my oily skin under control and this with my other skincare products is the key to keeping my acne under control.

Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel – I had a little tester of this and only started to use it because I was sick of all my spots and I needed a miracle. This was the closest thing to a miracle I could get. I only apply a little bit on my very bad spots. It gives a little bit of a stinging sensation but that goes away after 2 minutes. Two or three days later my spots are completely gone. Whatever clinique has in this stuff is magic and I can guarantee you that I will never be without this in my life.

Do you like any of these products? What are you favourite skincare products? Make sure to comment down below telling me as I’m always on the hunt for new skincare items.

See you soon 🙂



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I'm an 19 year old student from Ireland. At the moment I'm in my second year of College/Uni studying Biological Sciences. I have a few interests like makeup, music, baking and also writing. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to share all my thoughts. What I love, what I hate, what I'm thinking/doing. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

2 thoughts on “Best Beauty Bits #2 | Skincare 

  1. I love the Garnier micellar water and after reading your post I’m desperate to try the Clinique blemish gel. I’ve been loving the Nip+Fab range recently – the dragon blood serum and exfoliating pads in particular.

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