Blogmas Day 11: Top 5 Christmas Movies

Hello lovely,

A big part of Christmas is the movies that are showed on the telly during the holidays. I love sitting down and watching a good Christmas movie. It’s a tradition for us to go through the RTE Guide at Christmas and highlight the movies we want to watch or record over the holidays. There’s so many amazing movies out there but these 5 are the ones that made it on the top of my list.


Home Alone – This is the perfect family Christmas movie. It’s suitable for any age. If you somehow haven’t seen it, it’s about a boy who is forgotten when the rest of his family go on holiday at Christmas. Two men try to break in to the house but he’s more cunning and uses household appliances and toys to try and stop them. This movie hilarious. I always belly chuckle while watching this.

Miracle On 34th Street – This my childhood classic Christmas movie. I loved it. A man called Kris Kringle is hired to replace a drunk ‘Santa’ during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. He’s hired to be Santa in the department store but frightens employees when he claims he’s the real Santa. There’s also the cutest little girl who is way too mature for her age. Her mom works in Macy’s and she comes friendly with Kringle. Kringle tries to spark her belief in Santa Clause and magic at Christmas.

Love Actually – Although this movie is PG, I feel like it shouldn’t be showed to young children as there is a few partially inappropriate scenes. Nevertheless this is an amazing movie. It focuses on nine different stories throughout the course of the movie, some inter-lapping with one another. It focuses on the complex emotion which we all want around this time of year: Love.

The Polar Express – People seem to either love this movie or hate it. I find this is one of the most magical movies. It follows a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa and ends up going to the North Pole on a train called The Polar Express. He embarks on a road of self discovery to try and find the magic in Christmas. It’s such a heart felt movie.

The Holiday – Of course a RomCom had to make it in here. This is one on my favourite RomCom’s ever let alone Christmas movies. It’s about two women, one from London, one from America. They’re both having difficulties with their love life and want to go to a different country over the holidays to take a break. They end up swapping houses over the festive period and still battle on with their love lives as they interact with new people. It’s a very funny yet very heart warming movie.


See you tomorrow.




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