Blogmas Day 14: Christmas Reading List.

Hello lovely,

As I’m finally finished College for Christmas I’m planning on doing a lot of reading. I have almost two months off so I’m going to try and read as many books as I can. Most of this will probably be around Christmas day when I’m off work for a few days.

Once again I’m after picking three main books to add to my Christmas reading list and I thought I’d share these with you.


All the Bright Places – Jennifer Niven – Yes I know I should be ashamed that I haven’t read this yet especially with the high recommendations it’s getting. If you somehow haven’t heard of this book it’s about a boy, who is fascinated by death and thinks of ways to commit suicide, and a girl, who wants to live her life to the max. The two meet and embark on a journey of love together. I think the reason I’ve put this off as too me it seems like it could be a hard read that plays on your emotions.

The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton – Nella Oortman is married to a wealthy merchant trader and is dispatched to his luxurious house in Amsterdam. Nella is disappointed when she arrives as he is distant from her. Nella’s world changes when he presents her with an extraordinary wedding gift: a cabinet-sized replica of their home. She commissions a miniaturist to create a few small items to furnish the house.  she uncovers unusual secrets and begins to understand the escalating dangers that await them all. I really can’t wait to read this, it sounds so interesting.

Flesh and Blood – Patricia Cornwell – This sounds like the most thrilling and also has the most complicated plot so I’m going to cheat and give you the plot on good reads. Dr. Kay Scarpetta is about to head to Miami for a vacation when she notices seven pennies on a wall behind their home. Is this a kids’ game? If so, why are all of the coins dated 1981 and so shiny they could be newly minted? Then she learns there’s been a homicide five minutes away. A high school teacher was shot with uncanny precision as he unloaded groceries from his car. Yet no one heard or saw a thing. Soon more victims surface. The shots seem impossible to achieve, yet they are so perfect they cause death in an instant. There is no pattern to indicate where the killer will strike next. First it was New Jersey, then Massachusetts, and then the murky depths off the coast. There she comes face to face with shocking news that implicates her niece, Lucy—Scarpetta’s own flesh and blood.


See you tomorrow.




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I'm an 19 year old student from Ireland. At the moment I'm in my second year of College/Uni studying Biological Sciences. I have a few interests like makeup, music, baking and also writing. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to share all my thoughts. What I love, what I hate, what I'm thinking/doing. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

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