Blogmas Day 15: My Top 5 Christmas Nail Polishes  

Hello lovely,

I can’t believe it’s Day 15 of Blogmas already. It’s going so fast and I’m really enjoying it! As it’s the 15th that means preparations are truly about to get underway. Last minute presents, food shops will begin and let’s not forget, all the pamper sessions to get ready for the big day.

Today I thought I’d show you my top 5 Christmas nail polishes in case if like me you’ll be doing your own nails this year. I tried to pick a range of colours so hopefully at least one will catch your eye.

Barry M Cosmo Berry – This is a deep purpley, burgundy shade. It’s perfect for all through the Winter but I think the colour is perfect for Christmas time. Also it can be match with almost any outfit so it’s an all round good colour.

Sally Hansen Purplexed – This is one of the latest additions to my collection. I bought it because my local drugstore had a bunch of their nail polishes on offer and this was one of them. It’s a lovely darkish purple with a bit of a shine to it when it’s on the nails. Very eye catching.

Barry M Teal – I love this nail polish. It’s just so different compared to any that I own. Obviously it’s a teal colour as the name states, but when it’s on the nails it’s incandescent. It’s as if the implanted to shine that comes with glitter in the nail polish.

NYC Frozen Metal – I’ve looked everywhere online for this but I have a feeling it was limited edition when I bought it. This is a shame because the nail polish is beautiful. It’s a silver shimmery shade that just screams Christmas. I think I wore this last year.

Barry M Raspberry – This was one of the first Barry M nail polishes I bought. The only bad thing is it started to addiction to them. The shade is a deep red with a bit of a pink undertone to it. Once again perfect for this time of year. I think I’ll be choosing this colour for Christmas.


See you tomorrow.




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I'm an 19 year old student from Ireland. At the moment I'm in my second year of College/Uni studying Biological Sciences. I have a few interests like makeup, music, baking and also writing. I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to share all my thoughts. What I love, what I hate, what I'm thinking/doing. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I love writing.

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