2018 Goals

New Year’s Resolutions are one of the things I hate about going into a New Year. I dislike the pressure people put on themselves to accomplish the resolutions they set out for themselves and how bad they feel about themselves if they fail to continue persevering their resolutions. The idea that someone has to wait until the first day of the year to start being healthy or to start exercising isn’t practical thinking in my personal opinion. If you want to do something to improve your life and to make you feel happier there’s 364 other days in the year that you can start working towards the ‘new you’ on.

I personally don’t set resolutions for myself, because I know I’ll break them before the end of January and I don’t like how awful I feel when I do. The past few years anytime the 31st of December comes around, I’ve been making my list of New Year Goals to work towards as I find it a healthier approach to improving or adding to my life.


  • Travel to at least two countries – This is on the top of my list for a reason. I haven’t left Ireland in almost 4 years and as much as I love living here, I’m craving a new scenery.  I love learning about the different cultures in different countries and tasting the national food. Thankfully, I’m going to Edinburgh the end of this month so that will be this goal half completed.  If any of you have been to Edinburgh and have any recommendations, please do let me know.


  • Read at least 10 books – I know this ones really achievable as some people can read more than 80 books in a year. I find it hard to get time to read when I’m in College as all I want to do when I go home is get my work done and go to bed. This year I want to set aside time for myself a few days in a weeks to chill out and read for at least an hour with no social distractions – aka the phone will be locked away! I think to start with 10 will be good for me as it’s an achievable number and if I read more than that I can give myself an extra tap on the back.


  • Get my full license – I’m really on the road to this one. I have all my necessary lessons done and am currently doing extra. I’ve even applied for a test date, in November imagine, and am waiting to get one. I’m hoping to at least have my license by August.


  • Achieve a second class honours in my second year results – I’m currently in my second year of a four year course at College/Uni. In my third year there’s mandatory placement in the second semester so I’d like to achieve a reasonably good set of grade in my second year before my third year placement. I feel like a second class honours is highly achievable compared to a first class honours and also I don’t like setting my academic expectations too high as we all know that often an exam mightn’t go the way we want it to.


  • Work more on my blog – This is the most varied of my goals as working on my blog can mean anything. First of all I want to write more posts that are true to me. 2018 is the year I need to mostly post my own thoughts and stop following the crowd. I have plenty of ideas in my head to choose from. I also would love to make a few friends through this whole blogging thing if that’s at all possible. I want to dedicate a few posts to the line of work that I could end up going into, I’m just still figuring out how to do that. Lastly, I know it’s not all about the numbers but I want more people to follow my blog and comment under my posts to build a little community. I love getting comments underneath my posts, there’s no better feeling than to think someone read something you wrote and liked it enough to comment.

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