Hi I’m Ciara! I’m an Irish student currently in my first year of college. This is my little corner here on the internet where I can write about anything from beauty and fashion, to cooking and travelling, and to world news! Basically anything and everything will be going up on this blog. I’m very passionate about writing so it just seemed natural for me to start my blog and I’m very excited to be beginning this journey.
What age are you? I’m 18 years old.
Where do you live in Ireland? I live in a little town in County Cork.
Why did you start your blog? I’ve love reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos in my spare time so I thought I’d give it a go and create my own little space on the internet.
Who are your favourite bloggers? Ohh I have so many favourite bloggers so it’s hard to pick! If I had to pick just three I think I’d choose Hannah HeartssFrom Roses and A Yellow Brick Blog.
What are some of your favourite shops and beauty brands? Shops: Boots, Brown Thomas, Debenhams, Lush for beauty. For clothes I love River Island, H&M, New Look and Asos. Brands: At the moment I’m really enjoying Rimmel, Max Factor, Gosh, Mac and Urban Decay.

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