Hello there, it’s great to see you here! I’m going the assume that if you stumbled on this page you want to get to know me a little bit better. Where do I begin? Well first of all, let me begin with a BIG thank you for reading my silly blog. My blog is very small in this big sea of bloggers and it makes me happy to think that my content spiked on interest for you. Anyway, going completely off topic, lets get back to telling you a little bit about me.
Ciara is the name, and blogging is the game – OH THE CHEESE!! Sorry about that but I couldn’t resist. As I just wrote, my name is Ciara, pronounced key-ra. I live in a little town in County Cork, Ireland. I am 19 years old and I’m currently studying Biological Sciences in College/Uni.  And now I’m going to tell you about some of my interests, wow this really feels like I’m writing a dating profile. No need to state the obvious but I love writing. It really helps me to get my creative juices flowing and to escape from the world for a bit. It also serves as a help to get my thoughts in order and as a type of self care, for me anyway. Along with writing. some other passions of mine include music, reading and beauty, mostly cruelty free makeup and skincare. I know they aren’t the most ‘out there’ passions but its what I’m interested in and what you’ll probably see a lot of on my blog, especially if by any chance you become an avid reader, which I would be delighted with if you do.
Now, just a pre-warning. I by no means put my all and my everything into this blog. When I have the time to I will write a few posts at a time. However, whenever my academic workload gets large, my blog does tend to suffer. I am trying to get better and manage my time better but there really is only so much a person can do. I’d much prefer to post something that I put the work into and am happy with as opposed to publishing something that’s rushed and doesn’t reflect who I am as a person.
A second warning, and something I really shouldn’t have to do. Every, and I mean EVERY, opinion on this blog is true to me. I don’t want to mislead anyone with fake opinions by saying a foundation or a book that I really didn’t like was ‘AMAZING’. No, that’s not what I want. If I ever do a sponsored post it will be stated in capitals although will most likely be very rare as whenever I am asked to write something for a company, the product usually doesn’t go with my blog content or reflect me as a person. Just something I felt I had to say.
So that’s that. If you ever have any question yourself about anything on my blog please fell free to leave them in comments under my posts, if it’s more of a private matter, feel free to email me!

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